User overwiew

Regardless of whether you store the user data (in Active Directory or in the ixi-UMS User Management), the ixi-UMS properties of the users are entered in the user administration integrated in ixi-UMS Business. The available options depend on the used LDAP database.


The configuration options and funktions in the menu line and the user overview depends of the used LDAP-user data base.


Users export / import

This option is only available if users are entered in the Integrated ixi-UMS User Management. The entered users can be exported with all settings and imported into a new installed ixi-UMS Business e.g on a new server.

This operation is not required if the existing ixi-UMS Business is updated.

Note. When users are imported, all existing users are deleted


Anzahl der lizenzierten Benutzer

You will see the number of licensed users and the number of activated users. If the number of activated users exceeds the number of licenses (eg because a license has been changed), this is displayed when opening the user administration. In this case, the first users read out when opening the configuration interface are deactivated.


Add user

If you selected "Integrated ixi-UMS User Management" , you must create all ixi-UMSusers by yourself.





The overview shows the status activatedButtonUserAktiv/deactivatedButtonUserINAktiv for each user on the left. The buttons on the right depend on the LDAP database:



Send ixi-Infomail:

With the "Infomail" you can send all needed information to send and reveive Fax- and SMS messages to the users.


Send Passwordmail (with Integrated ixi-UMS User Management)

Create and send the user password for login at the ixi-UMS Web Journal and ixi-UMS voice-mailbox configuration. The password is re-created with each e-mail.


Delete user (with Integrated ixi-UMS User Management)


Edit the user objekt, edit and set the properties for ixi-UMS settings (Fax/SMS) und for ixi-UMS voice-mailbox


Voice-mailbox status (see below)


unlock the locked voice mailbox and send a new PIN to the user via e-mail.


Note: E-mails can only be sent when the connection to a mailserver is established.


Access level to the voice-mailbox

The displayed states correspond to the configuration of the user. If the voice mailbox has been blocked by several incorrect PIN entries, this can be enabled here and a new PIN can be created.



Voice-mailbox is disabled


Only voice-mailbox - no login via telephone


Voice-mailbox with login via telephone - no remote inquiry


Voice-mailbox, login via telephone and remote inquiry via telephone


The voice mailbox has been blocked by entering the wrong PIN several times.

When you click on the button, it is unlocked and a new PIN is sent by e-mail to the user.


More information about setting up and editing users for ixi-UMS Business is dependent on:

Save user data in ActivDirectory

Save user in ixi-UMS Business User Management


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