User Management

Specify which LDAP data bank for the user management should be used.

User administration is performed through the user management interface built into ixi-UMS Business, regardless of the database in which the users are managed.


LDAP Settings

·Active Directory with Microsoft Exchange Server
The users from Active Directory are displayed. You must specify one of the "extensionAttributes" for store the ixi-UMS properties

·Active Directory worthout Microsoft Exchange Server
The users from Active Directory are displayed. You must perform the ixi-UMS schema extension to store the ixi-UMS properties of the users in the "ixiumsUserData" attribute.

·ixi-UMS User Administration
You must create the users manually in the local database. It is not possible to read an existing database.




You find detailed information in the ixi-UMS Business manual under "preparation of the installation".


If you want to manage the users in the existing Active Directory, the required connection data must be entered.


Connection Data

This informations are only necessary if you use an Active Directory.


If the computer is a member of a domain or has access to the required DNS information, the LDAP server and the login information can be determined using the "Search LDAP server in network" button.


Otherwise you have to enter the required information.





Type in IP-Adress or Name of the Active Directory Server



Normally the LDAP port for the Active Directory is the port 389.


If the communication with the LDAP-server shall be encrypted, please take care when entering  the servers, that they correspond with the certificate. See also "Additional Information - Certificates",



Type in the name of the Active Directory domain.



LDAP-Attribut for ixi-UMS settings:

If a Microsoft Exchange Server is in use, the attributes "extensionaAttibute 1-15" are offered for selection.


If no Microsoft Exchange is used, you must select the attribute "ixiumsUserData".

In this case, you must perform the schema extension.


Login Account:

With this account the access to the data bank LDAP is carried out.



Please note that write access to the Active Directory is required to enter the ixi-UMS properties.


Version 7