User-defined actions

User-defined actions serve to implement programmes with certain phone call actions. Some information can be transferred at the start of the programme as a command line. In most cases it will concern applications developed yourself which carry out additional functions, e.g. when a phone call is signalled.

Overview list of the user-defined actions
All configured actions will be displayed in the Overview list. You can add new actions or edit existing actions or delete them again. In addition, for each action you can determine whether it is offered in the Main menu or in the context menus and/or in the dialog box, to then be able to execute it manually if necessary:

The filter can be used in the user-defined actions, in case the execution of the action only makes sense under certain conditions. For example, the user-defined action might only be practical for selected contacts from specified data sources or for specified conversation states. With a set filter the action will only be offered when the conditions defined there apply. You will find examples of filters in the section Action filters.

Menu integration
Any user-defined action can also be integrated in the menus of the client. Hence, the action can also be implemented without a special event. Depending on the set filter or depending on theAction fields used there, the action will be offered in the corresponding menus. For example, if you specified a contact field, the action will only be used in menus with a contact reference, thus in the context menus of the contacts, but also in the context menu of a journal entry with a contact reference. Without a filter the action is always executable and is thus offered in the Main menu.

Call window integration
In addition to or as an alternative to menu integration, the action can also be incorporated in the Call window as a button. To do this, enable the checkmark in the Overview list of the user-defined actions.

Set up a user-defined action
Any user-defined action is defined by the following specifications:

Action name
Allocate a name here, which is indicated. This name is for your information only and is recorded on the list of available actions on the settings page Behavior.

Give the path for the application which you want to complete here. You can also specify the document to be opened. In addition, specific field names which are replaced at Program start with the corresponding values of the phone call, contact or appointment, can be entered here. You can find an overview in the section action fields.

Command line
Give here which command line of the program should be transferred. As with the application line, the given fields which are replaced by Program start with the corresponding values of the phone call, contact or appointment, can be used here. You can find an overview in the section action fields.

The list in use should be begun.

Here you can state how the program should start (maximised, minimised, normal or hidden). Not every program evaluates this parameter!

This is a free text which is displayed in the tool tip of the action in the conversation window integration.

Change icon
Here you can determine the icon that should be used in the menu integration or conversation window integration for this action.

It should be a user-defined action which opens the homepage of the caller automatically.

  1. Give the action a descriptive name, e.g. "web page open".
  2. Enter in the application line, the entire path to your Internet browser, e.g."C:\programFiles (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe".
  3. As a parameter, the browser expects the URL of the Internet site to be opened. The URL is restored by estos ProCall Attendant Console in the contact-action field "WebPageURL ". Enter in the command line of the field names "< Contact. WebPageURL>" or click on "field add" and select the entry of the same name from the list.
  4. You do not have to state the compete list. Simply leave the line "list" free.
  5. Because the browser with the homepage should be indicated, set the mode to "Normal start".
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