Search result

Here the search result can be adapted and defined for the user. With this the order of the contact fields to be displayed can be set as well as their appearance and click actions.

Available contact fields
In the list of the available contact fields the corresponding tick-box next to a contact field can be activated if this contact field should always be shown in the search results. With the buttons UporDown you are able to change the order of the contact fields in the search results.

Customize Layout settings
On the layout tab the general appearance of the selected contact field can be adapted.

Layout Option Description
Display in compact view Indicates whether the contact field is also displayed in the compact view. If the box is not ticked, the contact field is only shown in the detail view.
Display field names Specifies if the field name should be displayed next to the account of the contact field.
Insert paragraph before field Allows a better overview with the help of paragraphs to group and structure contact fields.
Display in bold type With this option the contact field is displayed in bold type and is thereby emphasised.

tab Customize field
Here you can further customize the appearance of the contact field selected from the contact field list. The setting possibilities vary, depending on the selected contact field.

Specify contact field actions
On the Actions tab, actions which are executed by clicking on the contact field can be changed. All contact functions of the contact menu are available here as well as all User-defined actions.

In addition, up to three different actions can be put on one contact field, either by using no key, holding down the CTRL key or holding down the Shift and CTRL key together, while clicking on the corresponding contact field in the search result list.

The button Default resets the default layout.
Only contact fields which are not empty are displayed in the search result.
All contact fields are displayed in the search result (including the compact view) which were searched for.

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Version 8.1