The term hotkey describes the option of defining system-wide key combinations which permit phone numbers to be dialed or calls to be ended (hang up) out of almost all programs. You define the key combination in this settings dialog.

Dial selected phone number, otherwise start Contact Search.
To dial a number with the shortcut key, the number has to be selected with mouse in the according window, then press the shortcut key. If there is no phone number selected, estos ProCall Attendant Console tries to search for a contact instead.

You can use the hotkey in Outlook® itself. You can thus dial any phone number in a contact by marking the phone number. Use the hotkey also to transfer a contact to the phone status window. You can also start callback from the journal with the hotkey.
Dialing from a console application (DOS window):
If the phone number cannot be selected directly by the mouse, then first activate the DOS Console's Editing Mode using [ALT]+[Spacebar].

Use this hotkey also for accepting a call
If this option is selected, incoming calls can be answered with the same hotkey as is used for dialing (if your phone supports this feature).

Shortcut key for hanging up
Here you can define the hotkey for ending the active connection. Type in the key combination (special keys such as Alt, CTRL and Shift are also possible). You delete the hotkey with the Del key.

Display main window
This Hotkey brings the main window of estos ProCall Attendant Console on screen and you can immediatly start searching contacts.

These hotkeys are configured system wide, so no other application can use the same key combinations for other actions.
Dialing with the hotkey uses the Windows® clipboard and the keyboard shortcut [CTRL+C]. The contents of the clipboard can be changed at the same time and the shortcut [CTRL+C] not used as a hotkey. Consider these restrictions with the use of this function.
Phone numbers or contacts cannot be dialed (or searched) from applications that have been started with higher administration rights than estos ProCall Attendant Console.
If the hotkey has been pressed in such an application, an information dialog will provide a reminder. estos ProCall Attendant Console can only display this reminder if the hotkey is used in combination with or (a Windows® restriction).
If phone numbers cannot be dialed, advanced users can attempt to give the other applications more time so that this data can be provided. See Function control via Windows® Registry for more information.

Version 8.1