Sender Identification

In order to resolve sender numbers, an installed MetaDirectory is required. The Meta Directory is liable to costs.

This setting is not available if you selected "Store ixi-UMS Messages only locally".


The connection data to the MetaDirectory must be entered. The MetaDirectory data base can be installed on the ixi-UMS Business-server or on another server.


The sender numbers are searched for in the fields:










Login required

Optionally, the user and password for logging in to the MetaDirectory can be given.

This is required if the estos MetaDirectory with activated user management is in use.


The specified username must match the username in MetaDirectory.

eg: "" or "user name"


When the checkmark is set at "Use the first data..." and several results are found with a search, the data from the first data record are entered. If this option is disabled, data is only entered in the mail when the result is unambiguous.


Version 7