ixi-UMS Business virtualisiert

If ixi-UMS Business is installed in a virtual environment, note the following:


Voice applications are by no means as real-time-prone as fax applications. This is very important in the resource configuration and planning of the virtual environment, as, for example, database servers can deal with time delays much better than fax applications. The intention here is to distribute the resources optimally to the existing VMs.


Basic / general to virtual environments:

·Fixed MAC address
If ixi-UMS Business is installed on a virtualized operating system, please note that the MAC address must be fixed, otherwise the license will be invalid after moving to another server.

·Assigning system resources (resource pools)
In many virtual environments, you can perform a CPU reservation for individual VM clients. If possible, you should assign at least one CPU with all available cores of the ixi-UMS Business VM. In addition, the VM should be allocated sufficient RAM (without ballooning). Thus, the power-reducing swapping out of RAM to the hard disk (swapping) is prevented.

·For VoIP: Configuration of the PSTN gateway (large jitter buffer) as compensation for the RTP differences
Not only the time differences of the RTP packets within the virtual environment can lead to a fax break, but also the correction behavior of the PSTN gateway used. Therefore, it is highly recommended to increase the jitter buffer accordingly in order to buffer these time differences sufficiently and prevent crashes.


The following is a few specific configurations

§VMware ESXi Server version 5.5 or higher

§Microsoft Hyper-V environment


Version 7