ixi-UMS Business Portal

ixi-UMS Business offers some browser-based pages for users to make settings or to get an overview of the sent and received UMS messages.




ixi-UMS Web Journal

offers every user a browser-based view of his own UMS messages

ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox Configuration

Configuration of the "Voice-Mailbox". The options depent of the settings in the ixi-UMS Business Server Configuration

ixi-UMS User Information

Display of the permissions for sending ixi-UMS Messages


The user logs on to the ixi-UMS Business Portal with his e-mail address and his LDAP password and receives the web pages activated on the ixi-UMS Business.




The ixi-UMS Business Portal is provided by default via HTTP on port 8890. You can additionally publish it via HTTPS.


The link to open the ixi-UMS Business Portal can be found in the user administration under "Links". The link can be sent to the users via infomail and/or in the welcome message for the ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox.



·Microsoft Internet Explorer ab Version 11

·Mozilla Firefox ab Version 68

·Microsoft Edge

·Google Chrome ab Version 78


The ixi-UMS Business Portal can be made available to users as "WebTabs" in estos ProCall.


Version 7