Rendering Software

With the "rendering", the files and file attachments that are sent to ixi-UMS Business from the workstations, are converted into a fax-capable format by ixi-UMS Business.


This procedure allows the user to send faxes from the workstation out of formats like e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or also PDF-files by attaching the files to a message like with an e-mail.

Moreover, particular formatting (e.g. font, font size) of the text in the e-mail body can be depicted on the fax coverpage.


In order to be able to render a doc-file, for example, the respective application must be installed on the ixi-UMS Business machine installed and set up under the installation-account.

To setup the application login with the installation account (of ixi-UMS Business), open all application you require. All messages and profile settings must be confirmed in such a way that they do not appear again when reopening.


Tested by estos GmbH for the rendering of "Office-documents":


oOffice  2013, 2016, 2019 4.0 and higher

oLibreOffice 6 and higher


To configure the office software please also refer the article: Rendering of Office Documents



Transferring Fax Printing Jobs via Control Characters in the Text

If the ixi-UMS PS Drucker is used, is used, GhostScript must be installed on the workstations. The ixi-UMS Business Client Tools were successfully tested with the versions:

9.18, 9,19,9,21 9.22, 9.26

The Versios 9.20, 9.24 and 9.25 are not released.


Version 7