Set-up bintec elmeg Media Gateway

To send and receive Fax/Voice/SMS a "CAPI" must be installed on the ixi-UMS-Server. The CAPI must support "Fax G3". This function are available in all bintec emleg products if a DSP-Module is built-in.

This chapter describes the configuration of a "bintec elmeg" media gateway for connection to ixi-UMS Business. As of today (07.2019), this manual is valid for all RT products and the be.IP 4 ISDN. The configuration interface depends on the installed firmware.

The „Remote-CAPI for MS-WINDOWS“ (at least version 1.1.7 from 07.2015 ) from „bintec elmeg“ must be installed on the ixi-UMS Business server.

ixi-UMS Business can be installed bevor or after the LANCAPI.


Version 7