Mail merge - Attach Additional File

In some cases it may be favored, e.g. with a mail merge fax or with outputs of a data base, always to attach an additional file to the fax, e.g. the General Terms and Conditions of the company.




If this is favored, this file has to be stored at the PC of the user locally. The file can be passed on to the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools via the "Subject".


If this transfer is wanted with the mail merge feature of the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools, the entry has to be made when starting the mail merge fax at II. (see left).



When the mail merge action is started, this file is attached to every fax.  

The entry itself is not indicated in the Subject.




If the file is not available or you cannot access it, the following report is displayed once:


The entire printing is terminated! The mail merge fax must be restarted.


Version 7