Fax Number is not Transferred

The ixi-UMS PS-printer can read out the fax recipient number and the subject from a document to be printed and transfer the data to the mail client. Because of this, a fax is addressed and sent automatically.


Please note that "FaxPrefix" and "SubjectPrefix" (keywords) are case sensitive.


Not every font can be processed. When the data to be transferred are formatted e.g. in "Calibri", the printer cannot read out these data.

The printed document is transferred to the mail client, but there is no recipient number in the "To"-field.


In this case, another font must be chosen for the data / the document or a font replacement must be set at the printer in general.



Please format the data for the transfer (fax number, subject) in "Arial", "Helvetica" or "Courier".



If it is not possible in your environment to change the fonts permanently, a "font replacement" can be entered at the printer.



When the font is replaced by the following action, this replacement is valid for the whole document.


Open the properties of the printer and select "Device Settings".

Extend the item "Replacement Table for Fonts".


Select the font (here Calibri) and click on "<do not replace>. Select one of the fonts offered to you.


Recommended: Helvetica or Courier.

Save the settings. They are adopted immediately and then are valid for all the users.


Version 7