Creating TIF in DIN A4-Format

The following option must only be activated when no ixi-UMS PS-printer is deployed.


By default, only the actually labeled part of a document is printed by the printer of the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools and therewith transferred for delivery. The advantage of this is that only the data-relevant part is sent by fax, which shortens the transmission time of the fax delivery and saves costs.




A disadvantage is that e.g. the Microsoft software "Document Imaging" only displays what has been printed.


When only a few lines have been written in a Word-document and this is printed via "Ifax" printer, the document in Document Imaging looks like the screen on the left.:


This make some users insecure as they are not aware that nowadays, almost all fax machines put out DIN A4-format.

The result is that the fax arrives at the fax remote station just like any normal document.




From ixi-UMS Business Client Tools Version 5.8, the options can be set in a way that the printing always comes out as a full DIN A 4-page.



This setting can be executed in the Setup or later on at the workstation in the Prnd.ini at

..\ixi-UMS Business Client Tools


FullPageSizeTiff=1 --> a DIN A4 page is printed always

FullPageSizeTiff=0 <<> only the actually labeled part of a document is printed




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