Preparation for installation

With the estos UCServer installation on the network, the drivers and data sources are installed and configured first, then the estos UCServer and finally the workplaces.

Please also consider the notes in Application scenarios.

Run the installation steps in this order please:

  1. Installation of the TAPI-driver for your phone system
    The TAPI-driver for your phone system must first be installed on the server. This driver makes all phone system extensions available as TAPI lines on the server.
  2. Optional: Active Directory® schema extension
    If you want to use the estos UCServer with an Active Directory® based user administration, the schema can be optionally extended. Please read the instructions in the Active Directory® integration.
  3. Optional: Install estos MetaDirectory
    If you wish to use the MetaDirectory to make further databases for contact searching available for the estos UCServer you should install this now.

  4. Server software installation
    To start the installation please run the UCServer_xx-XX.msi installer. For more information please refer to Start the installation.
  5. Installing the workstations
    You can install the software on the workstations in several ways. An overview can be found on the client install page.
  6. Workstation configuration
    The workstations were either already configured during the manual installation or can be configured any time centrally via the server administration. You can also hand over the responsibility to the users and allow them to enter their settings themselves (view Global settings).

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