Active Directory® integration

The Active Directory® can be connected to estos UCServer for user administration. The following options are available:

  • Without schema extension
    All information which the estos UCServer stores is filed in the field extensionName.
  • With schema extension
    estos UCServer normally uses a schema extension which is, however, best set up in the appropriate schema master before the server is installed.

Setup without schema extension
If the estos UCServer is used without schema extension, nothing must be set. Nevertheless, there may conflict with other software that also uses the data field extensionName in the Active Directory® to file data.

Parallel operation of version 2.2 and the newer version 3.0 (e.g. migration or to evaluate the new version) is only possible in this case if one of the two servers is running with schema extension!

Setup with schema extension
To use Active Directory® with schema extension the schema must be set up on the domain schema master before first use. A ZIP file that contains all the necessary programs is included in the installation package delivered estos UCServer.

Schema administrator rights for the schema master are required for successful installation.

A schema extension cannot be revoked once it is installed!
That estos UCServer can use the sheme extension, writing rights are required for following objects:
  • User
  • Computer
  • Groups
A detailed list of the fields which are described by these objects is given in the documentation which is included in the ZIP file.
To guarantee the reliable, automatic synchronisation of contact data, the UCServer requires reading access to the list "Deleted Objects" of the connected ActiveDirectory.

Administration via the management console
To support administration in large environments there is a snap-in for the console which displays users, computers and groups. This snap-in then permits administration of the named elements directly in the Active Directory® environment.

Version 8