Outgoing calls

Call preparation
The option Always prepare phone calls enables you to set projects projects or set the private marker on the calls. This setting is not needed if projects or the marking of private calls are not used.

Automatic redialing
If an outgoing call does not go through because the line is busy, you can start automatic redialing in the call window. You can define how often the system will try to connect the call and at which intervals. Automatic redialing is terminated as soon as the line is no longer busy or the set number of attempted calls has been reached.

Caller ID suppression
You can activate the suppression of caller ID for outgoing calls if this is supported by your telephone system. You may activate caller ID suppression for all outgoing calls or choose case by case whether you wish to suppress caller ID. If you wish to suppress caller ID in individual cases only, an additional button for activating or deactivating this option appears in the call window. Please keep in mind that this option must be activated before you start the call so that the caller ID can be suppressed.

Version 8