estos ProCall helps the user assign calls to previously defined projects. This feature is also available from the Journal as well as the telephone system itself. The project identifier should be selected from the server through the system as would be appropriate for the project settings. Making private calls through so-called calling card providers is the exception to this. If a call is marked as private, the call through the telephone system can be configured using the identifying numbers.

If the Mark private calls option is activated a call can be marked, for example, as private in the call window.
  To prevent others seeing private numbers or callers they can be marked as private. Any call information is not visible to others in the journal.
Prerequisite: estos UCServer is set to not save phone numbers. See also Telephone Journal in the estos UCServer help file.

If private conversations are not allowed in the company, having the administrator deactivate this option in estos UCServer or in the group policies is reasonable.

Use projects and code numbers
In estos ProCall, projects are predominantly configured for the journal. In addition, specifics PINs and calling card providers can be defined for private conversations. If the project has been defined as a private call then the PIN will be used for the call and it will not logged in the journal.

The following rules apply:

Character Deployment
0-9 * # Digits which are dialed normally
C Here you wait for the remote station to accept the call.
e, E Place-holder for entering a PIN. With E, the number of digits for entry is not important. With e, the number of digits is defined by the number of letters (eee for three digits).
u, U Space for the input of a user ID. With 'U' the number of digits input is not important. With 'u' the number of digits is defined over the number of the letters ('uuu' for three digits).
p, P Dialing pause: 'p' for 0.5 seconds, 'P' for 1 second.
N Space for the number to be chosen. If the space is not set, the number is automatically transferred to the end.
J Defines, if available, that the user login and pin number entered by the user is noted in the journal.
X If available, the phone number should be dialed with an external prefix. If 'X' is absent the phone number is dialed in national format (03012345678).

In the user interface configured projects are visualised centrally and locally with differently coloured Icons:

  Projects configured in estos UCServer.
  Project for the journal
  Project for dialing
  Project for dialing and for the journal
  Project configured in estos UCServer which is processed as a private call
  Projects configured in estos ProCall:
  Project for the journal
  Project configured in P estos ProCall which is processed as a private call

Version 8