PBX system

Location is using a PBX
Activate this option, if the location has a telephone system.

Public line type
Please select the type of the public line: DDI trunk line (for Direct Dial-In) or a Multipoint connection line. Sometimes DDI lines are also referred to as DID lines (for Direct Inward Dialing). A DDI line enables external parties to call internal phones directly using phone number ranges. DDI numbers comprise of a PBX base number (addressing the PBX) plus a number range (or several ranges) to address internal phones from outside.
A Multipoint connection typically is used for smaller offices or for home usage. One or more phone numbers (Multi Subscriber Number = MSN) are used in this case. The MSNs may be totally different, e.g. they don't have to use numbering ranges.

PBX base number (only with a PBX using a DDI line)
If you have a DDI line you should enter the PBX base number here. For example if you have the number +1 (30) 12345-222, the PBX base number is 12345.

Extension Numbers (DDI - Direct Dialing In) (only with a PBX using a DDI line)
If all extension numbers have the same length configure an extension number space. If extensions are used with different lengths configure extension number prefix.

Extension number space
Please enter here the extension number range (DDI range or space) that is allocated by the phone company for the related PBX. For example, if you have the DDI number range from +1 30 12345 30 to +1 30 12345 69, enter "from 30 to 69". Or for example using three-digit extensions while the entire range is available for DDI enter "from 100 to 999".
All internal phone numbers available in this range are displayed automatically as external, international phone numbers.

Extension number prefix
Please specify the lowest and the highest first digit of the extension numbers. If e.g. the internal numbers 20, 300-499 and 5000 are used please configure '2' as the first prefix and '5' as the second prefix. The length of the internal numbers are set to '2' to '4' in this case. Depending on the length of the internal numbers the program calculates the numbers to be used as external and international types.

Length of internal phone numbers:
Enter the length of longest and shortest internal phone numbers. If all extensions are the same length, for example 121 (three digits), both entries should be "3".

Extension phone number format:
External phone numbers: displays the international phone number for the location (only for a system connection).
Internal phone numbers: displays the internal phone numbers for the location

Version 8.2