Advanced Active Directory® settings

Here you may enter the basis which shall be searched for users, computers and groups. If nothing is entered here the BaseDN is set automatically.
Several BaseDNs may be indicated in each entry line. These are simply separated by ';' between each entry.

By indicating several BaseDNs for users, computers and groups, it is possible to filter objects of a domain (or a domain forest) for use in estos UCServer.

LDAP attribute allocation
Here you can view the LDAP attribute allocation. You are able to configure the phone number fields used for the Automatic line binding.
Some attributes can be deactivated server-side so that they'll no longer be visible (e.g. a user's private phone number).

LDAP phone number attributes
Of particular importance are the phone number attributes from the Active Directory® in connection with the estos UCServer. Only if you permit writing access for the phone number attributes are you able to configure the phone numbers of the user in the estos UCServer administration. These phone numbers are then written in the Active Directory® in the same way as they were entered in the administration. This is why you can preformat the phone numbers if you assign a line to a user. The phone number is then preformatted accordingly and transfered to the user account, if you have selected a line of the user. During reading the phone numbers from the Active Directory®, the phone numbers are converted again into full canonical format.

If the TAPI driver supplies phone numbers with a postfix, they will be attached unmodified to the pre-formatted phone number. These postfixes are absolutely necessary for the assignment of the line based on the phone number. If corresponding postfixes disrupt the Phone Number entries in Active Directory®, the postfixes will have to be either deleted manually from Line Phone Numbers or alternatively added to the user profile through additional lines.

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Version 8.1