Automatic line binding

The phone numbers configured in the user account are automatically used by the estos UCServer for the line binding. If the server is able to find a line for the phone numbers of a user, then the line is automatically assigned to the user. The phone number in the user account has to match the phone number of a line. The user automatically receives the lines belonging to him without further configuration.

If users are maintained in the Active Directory®, it can be separately defined whether automatic line binding should be used for the first and second business phone number.

If this automatism cannot be used in the available field, then it can be deactivated via Global settings. In this case the lines have to be configured for every user manually. In the user configuration, use the fields 1st phone and 2nd phone to assign the lines to the user. Enter the phone numbers under which the user is available in the business phone number fields.

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Version 8.1