Search parameter

On the settings page "Search parameters" you can define the fields which estos ProCall Attendant Console uses in the detail search. There you can define their order and other options for the detailed search.

The following search parameters are preset in estos ProCall Attendant Console:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Company
  • Customer ID
  • Department
  • Postcode/City
  • Street
  • Phone number
  • Presence-/e-mail address

Customize the search parameter sequence
Use the "Up" or "Down" buttons to shift the search-parameter either upwards or downwards in the list. The search-parameter order in the list determines their position in the detail search.

Activate or deactivate search parameter
The search parameters can be activated and deactivated. Only enabled search parameters are used in the detailed search. Checkmark the box on the list to activate the search parameter. Delete the checkmark on the list entry not to use the search parameter in the detailed search.

User-defined search parameter
User-defined search parameters can also be laid out in estos ProCall Attendant Console beside the given search parameters. These allow the user to consider other contact fields not normally displayed in the detail search.

Configure user-defined search parameter
Click on Add to create a new user-defined search parameter. Click on Edit... to change the selected user-defined search parameter.

  1. Allocate a name to the user-defined search-parameter. This name is used in the list of all search-parameters and in the tool tip for the detail search.
  2. Select the corresponding contact fields which should be considered in this search-parameter. A user-defined search-parameter can also search several contact fields at the same time. In this case the contact is found when the search word matches the content of only one contact field.

A user-defined search-parameter should be added in order to find a contact by its SIP-Address in the detail search.

  1. Enter SIPAddress in the name field.
  2. Tick the box before the field name to select the "SIPAddress" in the contact field list.
  3. Confirm your entry with OK.

With the command delete every user-defined search-parameter can be deleted again. Please note that only user-defined search-parameters can be edited or deleted.

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Version 8.1