Available Features



The ixi-UMS Business Client Tools consist of several features, which are optionally in parts.


The options that shall be installed can be seleceted at the setup.




For the operation of the ixi-UMS PS-printers,

the installation of Ghostscript is required.




Enable Systray Icon (Optional)

Activate the Systray icon. With a right mouse click the user can then, depending on the selection:

·collect / send faxes

·open the settings

·open the collection box

Please also read the user manual


Enable Systray Icon


Enable systray icon. By mouse-click right, the user then can:

Collect / send faxes

Enter his phone extension in order to be able to forward voice mails

Open the collect box

See also User Manual

Reset Notification

Status Button


Extension of the Outlook add-ins and of the systray in order to reset the status of the notifications.

See also User Manual.

Printer Driver

Installs the IFax-printer. Only with that the MS Words Macro can be used

ixi-UMS PS Driver


Installs the "ixi-UMS PS-printer". For the addressing of faxes via control characters

Outlook Add-In


Drop-down menu in Outlook in order to:

Send faxes, SMS out of the Contacts

Reset the status of the notifications at the server (MWI) - optional

Send voice mails to the telephone

Word Macros


Copies the Word macros to the hard disk. From there, they can be "installed" per user. Needed for the creation of Auto fax and mail merge fax out of MS Word

Add Macro to Word


Installs the Word macros for the user logged in



Copies the documentation to the disk and inserts a respective entry in the start menu


Version 7