Client Connections

During the installation, you have to state whether or not the messages are passed on to a mail stystem and if so, in which way. Some "usual" combinations are described in the following.



MAPI Clients mean mail clients like e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, GroupWise, Notes 8.5 and higher and Hotmail.

The client is addressed, which is entered as mail client in the properties of the Internet Explorer at Programs.


The fax or the SMS is sent by the mail client.



If you do not have an e-mail client at the workstation or do not want the faxes to be under "Sent Items", select "SMTP" on the Selection of the Messaging Platform tab. The user can open the ixi-UMS SMTP Client at any time via Start - Programs to send ixi-UMS messages and E-Mails (optional).



Also after printing on the ixi-UMS Fax Printer the ixi-UMS SMTP Client opens in which the recipient number is entered or selected from the address book.



During the installation, you have to determine the IP-address of the mail server or of the ixi-UMS Business Server.



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