Address book information

The ixi-UMS SMTP Client integrates a simple address book.

For each contact, the user can store the phone numbers for sending ixi-UMS Messages and an e-mail address.




The entered data are stored in the file "ixiSMTPContacts.txt" in the user directory.

Path: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\estos\ixi-UMS ClientTools


Each address book entry corresponds to one line. The values are separated with ;. If an e-mail address is given, it MUST be stored with :1.




The sequence of the information must be observed:

First name;Last name;Company;Street;City;Postcode;Telephone ;Mobile phone;Fax;E-mail address:1


If the workstation or computer is changed, this file should also be saved and moved.


Version 7