Allowed File Extensions

Next, a list of the allowed file extensions can be stored in the ixi-UMS Business Client Tools and the services offered can be selected.


Allowed File Extensions

It is determined therewith which attachments are allowed to be sent via the CollectBox or ixi-UMS SMTP Client

The setting can optionally be stored in the "Prnd.ini" in the user profile at

C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\estos\ixi-UMS ClientTools



or in a separate file "IXICliFileExtFilter.ini" in the Windows installation directory.


This setting can be changed later if necessary.




Select services

Select which services are offered to the user to send the ixi-UMS messages in the collection box (Fax and/or Voice and/or E-Mail) and the ixi-UMS SMTP client (alle message type possible).


Version 7