User settings: phone numbers

The user's phone numbers are displayed as provided in his contact data. This refers to the estos UCServer user as well as to Federation contacts. estos UCServer will detect the telephone lines for the phone numbers while loading the user profiles. The user will be assigned the phone lines associted with them automatically without further configuration.

Business phone numbers can be selected from the telephone line list via Select....

User phone numbers and line numbersmust be entered in the Supercanonical format in the integrated user administration. Phone numbers from Active Directory® will be shown as entered in the Active Directory®. When user profiles are loaded in estos UCServer, these numbers will be reformatted to supercanoncial format.
If more than one location is used, the phone numbers will have to be stored in supercanonical format in Active Directory®.

Property Description
Business The user's primary business phone number
Business 2 Other business phone number for the user
Private The user's private phone number
Mobile The user's cellphone number. This phone number is used, for example, to automatically set up call forwarding.
Pager The user's pager phone number. The attribute can be used to store a user's private mobile phone number.
Voice mailbox Phone number of the user's mailbox. The mailbox is the personal answer machine. This phone number is used, for example, to set up an automatic call diversion.
Recording server The phone number of an external call recording server. This field is only required if an external server is used and not the integrated call recording server. If this field contains a phone number then this number is used for the phone call recording. Without a phone number, the centrally configured number is used.

Via Additional Lines... dialog, you can configure additional lines for users and computers. You can provide the following information from that dialog:

Property Description
First phone This is the user's personal phone's internal number. A phone can only have one owner. This assignment is also used for the offline journal.
Second phone You can specify a second personal phone for the user here.

Phones which stand next to this computer:

Property Description
First phone Phone number of the first phone next to the computer
Second phone Phone number of the second phone next to the computer

It is possible that some properties will not be displayed if they were deactivated server-side.
These additional lines for the user and computer will not be listed in the contact details and will not be visible to other users.

Version 8