Speech bubble info

The speech bubble info window is a small information window at the bottom edge of the screen, which shows you any missed calls, new email messages, new chats and scheduled calls, for example.

If you have missed a call or received a new email, for example, the info dialog will be always displayed. Thus, you will immediately be able to see all of the important information at a glance. You can also change to the relevant view immediately if you click on the desired field:

Field Function
Missed calls This opens the Unprocessed tab in the main window. You can therefore see your missed calls at a glance.
E-mails Click the e-mail field to open Outlook's Inbox and view your new e-mails.
Chats Click the chat field to open the unedited. If there is one single unedited message the window Message is opened directly for a reply.
Planned Click the field with the planned calls to display the main window with the Call planning. You will find all planned calls here.
Challenge-Response Click on the row with new authorization requests to display a dialog with the list of authorization requests which are currently pending. You will see all pending authorization requests here.
Fax messages Click on the row with new fax messages to display the new fax messages which have come into the inbox. You will see all new fax messages here.

You can also close the informational speech bubble window either by clicking on the Close icon at the top left of the window or by deactivating the corresponding option on the Behavior tab on the Settings dialog.

Version 8