Application in a Windows® Domain

To use the estos UCServer in a Windows® domain, first install the server as described in Installation. Note the following here:

  1. Use Active Directory® as User databank. Decide before the installation whether you would like to extend the Active Directory® schema or not.
  2. Optionally install Active Directory® SnapIn. If you want to extend the schema, you need to run the SnapIn installation.
  3. Define the User registration. If all users are registered with the domain, use Domain authentication.
  4. Define the options Global settings. If you want to involve the users in the configuration, select Self configuration of estos UCServer account. In additon, you can give globally to all users mutual rights. It's recommended to give the right View presence to all users among each other.
  5. After the server installation you can either install the workstations manually (directly on the workstation), via software distribution in the estos UCServer or via an Active Directory® group policy. You can also read Installation via Group Policy.

Version 8.3