State ProCall Analytics Service

Here you can see if the ProCall Analytics Service has started or errors have occurred. You can also stop or restart the service if necessary.

Logging settings

Please select the step "Extended logging" only for problems. Otherwise your system will run very slowly and the log files will be very large. If no problems arise, it is advantageous to leave this setting to "Only log errors". However if errors occur, set the level to extended logging, perform the action again and create an error report that you should send to the support team. It is very important that you describe the error symptoms precisely and also state the time when the error occurred. This makes it easier to analyze the log files.


On this page it is also displayed if a ProCall Analytics license has been found. If "No license" is shown here, the test license may have expired and ProCall Analytics then operates in demo mode. "Too few licenses" means that you have less number of ProCall Analytics licenses than workplace licenses.

Note that you must enter your ProCall Analytics license on estos UCServer. Go to the estos UCServer Administration for this. Select General -> Licenses > Add and enter the license code.

Version 8.3