Voice Services - Users

If the user object for "Voice Services" is activated, lines/call numbers from this area and registered end devices can be assigned to the user.

By activating the user for the "Voice Services" a voice mailbox is set up for the user. The user can set up the voice mailbox on the estos ProCall client for Windows® and activate call forwarding to the voice mailbox.
The messages left by the caller are delivered to the user via email.

A valid, externally accessible e-mail address must be entered for the user.

After assigning a Voice Services line, the usage for softphone can be activated. The user can use the line immediately on ProCall client.

Assign phone devices

After the end devices have been entered on the estos UCServer, they can be assigned to the user on the "Phones" tab.

Select the desired device via the "Add" button. In the next step, you can assign the terminal device to the phone numbers assigned to the user.
Save the selection and (re)start the terminal after applying the settings.
The assigned phone numbers are automatically assigned to the phone device.
Softphone and phone devices can be activated and used together for one phone number.
Please also refer to the notes on the estos GmbH web pages.

Version 8.2