Initial setup

The system can be set up automatically.
If the exchange line ordered is available in the system, the line number is displayed in the "Initial setup" menu and can be selected for setting up the system.
Until the exchange line ordered is available, a test line with 10 extensions is provided for the Voice Services.

For the initial setup, the desired exchange head must be selected and then "Set up system" selected. The following actions are performed:

  • The location is created
  • All available phone numbers are created as SIP lines.
  • Users with a phone number from the selected range are activated for the ProCall Voice Services.
  • The corresponding softphone line is assigned to these users.
Users with phone numbers from a different number range or users without a phone number must be updated manually.

The process can be carried out for each external number range.

After setting up the system, the groups/hunt groups can be created and an interactive voice menu (IVR) can be set up.

Version 8.2