SMS dispatch

estos UCServer can offer SMS dispatch using several providers. To use these services, you must be registered with one of the providers listed who will invoice you for this service.
Fees may vary depending on the provider. With some providers you have to have a static IP in order to use the service. Simply compare the various providers and pick out the most favourable one for you.

  • Select one of the SMS providers listed.
  • Enter the data specified by the provider into the field user name and password.
  • Various providers allow the use of gateways to take advantage of certain features. A short text describes the individual gateways and their features.
  • Depending on the provider, you can also include the return address with the query. If this option is offered by the provider, you can choose between three different ways of defining the return address. If you choose to use the mobile phone No. configured in the user profile, only those users having a mobile phone number may use the SMS function.
  • Send a test SMS permits you to test the configuration.
The service User account has to be activated so that a user is able to use the SMS text message dispatch.
In principle, every service provider can be connected if it has a HTTP GET or POST interface. For this the configuration file has to be adapted accordingly in the installation list config\smsprovider.xml. The template can be found under config\default\smsprovider.xml.

Version 8.2