Hunt groups

A Call group managed by the estos UCServer can signal incoming calls on a SIP line to the members of the group.
The prerequisite is that the members with ProCall also use a SIP line (softphone). The incoming call can not be signaled to a phone/hardware end device.

The call group is managed exclusively in UCServer. No information is passed on to the telephone system.

Since the estos UCServer manages the hunt group itself and no information is passed to the PBX, members can have SIP lines from different number ranges and PBXs.

For hunt groups to which a line from the ProCall Voice Services is to be assigned, select the "Voice Services" option under "General".

If the option "SIP softphone (in UCServer)" is activated on the "General" tab, the "Hunt group" tab is activated. On this tab, the phone number/SIP line under which the group is to be accessible must be entered.

Incoming calls on this line are delivered to all members of the group who have a SIP line assigned. For members who only have a TAPI line the call is not displayed.

Version 8.2