To increase productivity, certain application features can be assigned to key shortcuts. Thereby, certain tasks and features can be started, opened or executed using a simple shortcut.

The list contains all available features, sorted by units, that can be assigned to shortcuts.

Assign a shortcut to a feature:
Click on the second column so that a text entry cursor will appear. Then simply press the desired key combination.

Delete a shortcut:
The Delete button can be used for this purpose. If you are currently in the process of assigning a new key, simply press [Del].

Reset all shortcuts to their default values:
The two buttons "Reset" and "Reset All" are available for this purpose.

The shortcuts for features that have been grayed out cannot be modified. This can be because of the following reasons:
  1. The shortcuts may have been assigned by the manufacturer.
  2. The shortcut has been assigned by the System Administrator using group policies.
If a conflict is discovered between the choosen hotkey and a hotkey from another application, an alternative hotkey should be choosen, or remove the other hotkey from the other application first.

Version 8.2