Location settings contain all the necessary information which make it possible for phone numbers to be correctly dialed and displayed. These settings are especially important if you are using a phone system or if your phone is attached to a phone system, otherwise external numbers could not be dialed and the dispalying a phone number would not function correctly.

The country, dialing code and phone or phone system settings are configured exclusively in estos UCServer and cannot therefore be changed in the client. If you have more than one line assigned, the Location settings always refer to the selected default line.

You can configure in which format the phone numbers should be shown in estos ProCall. Internal phone numbers will always be shown in short notation.

You should enter your location's address here. This information is necessary and is used exclusively for the map function and route planning.

Map/route planning
Select a service from the list which you wish to use for the map function and route planning. You can choose the language in which the route information is displayed.

If no country name was indicated in a Contact, the country name of your default location will be assumed.
To plan a route to a contact it is important that a complete address is available for the contact.
The name of the country in a Contact must be spelled in full. A "D" or "de" for Germany is not enough. The name of the country may be given in several languages such as, among others, German, English, French or Japanese.

Version 8.2