Reminder window

The reminder window reminds you of calls which you have planned. It is always displayed when a reminder for a planned call is shown. The calls are displayed in a list.

Planned calls are highlighted differently in the overview. Details about this can be found in the help file for the call schedule.

You will find the following functions in the icon bar:

  •   Make call
    Click the upper half of the button to call the subscriber. The phone number which was specified in the phone number field of the planned call is always used.

    In the lower half of the push button, you can call up the contact context menu with the arrow. Here, you will find any operations available for the contact. For a detailed description of these functions, please refer to Contact detail window

  •   Open planned call
    Click this button to open the call schedule in the list. Alternatively you can also open a call with a double-click on the list entry.

  •   Remind later
    Use this function to be reminded of the planned call again later. Mark the relevant entries in the list and select the appropriate time period for this.

    You can also switch off the reminder for the planned calls. Select Do not remind again from the menu for this.

  •   Delete planned call
    Use this button to delete the selected planned calls form the list. Please note that this function cannot be undone.

When you close the reminder window it is first displayed again when a reminder for the next call is due.
A complete overview of all planned calls can be found in the main window in the "Planned" tab.
The reminding time can be changed if you open the planned call in the editor. Further information under Planning calls.

Version 8.2