Response time (projects)



Waiting time until the project call was accepted by an employee. By default there are the following steps: <10s, <20s, <30s and >30s. These steps can be adapted. For example, if a call had a waiting time of 6.5s, then it appears in the segment <10s. To analyze the development of the response times over a time period, click on a segment. A new graphic opens with the Chronological Sequence of the Response Times


  • Employee
  • Time period
  • internal/external or all calls

The following are displayed:

  • Waiting time until incoming calls were connected, or the number of missed calls (percentage of all incoming calls).
  • The time from the first indication of the incoming call in the telephone system until the acceptance of the call by the employee (all incoming, accepted calls) is considered.

PCA_Graph_Menu_Open Settings


  • Incoming calls
  • outgoing calls
  • incoming/outgoing calls

Threshold values:

  • Step 1 to 3 in seconds

Version 8.2