Groups dashboard


The following evaluations are available in the Groups dashboard:

The evaluations of this dashboard are always based on user groups / teams. The logged on user does not have to be a member of this group, it is sufficient if he acts as the group leader or deputy. In addition, the permission "Group leader may see group journals" must be set for the group. Optionally, you may also assign the permission "Each member may see other member journals". This makes it possible for every group member to register with ProCall Analytics and create evaluations of all group members. Otherwise, a group member will only see his or her own data.

The statistics can be affected by the following filters: Employees, time period or Internal/External/All Calls.

Your administrator can block access to the group dashboard by enabling the "Allow evaluation only at group / team level" option in the ProCall Analytics administration (estos UCServer tab).

Version 8.2