WebServer Port

A free port is already suggested here. However you can change it at any time, e.g. if your administrator specifies only opening certain ports for a firewall. The system then checks afterwards whether your desired port can be used or whether another application is already using it.

Configure certificate for https encryption

Here you can select a certificate to encrypt access to ProCall Analytics. Access then occurs via https and no longer via http. Above all this is very important if you want to make ProCall Analytics accessible outside of the company network.

If you do not use an official certificate issued by a certification authority on your computer but a self-signed certificate, a warning may appear on the Client Browser that indicates and asks the ProCall Analytics user if he really wants to trust your certificate.

Remember to cleanup the local browser caches on the client machines after switching server certificates.

Account of the ProCall Analytics Service

Here you define under which Windows® Account the service should run. This setting is interesting as this account can be used later to log onto the SQL Server® or SMTP Server. You therefore do not have to save a database user or a password anywhere. This information is safely encrypted and saved by Windows® in the Windows® operating system. However it is important that you only use this option when you have a fixed password for the user that does not expire. Otherwise your service will no longer start after the password has changed.

Version 8.2