Incoming calls

Support for Hotline-Services (client function)
The hotline service analyses the number called for incoming calls (multi-entity capability). Analysis of the number called can be used to differentiate between various companies if you have to announce yourself differently depending on the number called (e.g. for a secretarial service).

Activate the option Display called contact, so that the contact information is displayed in the Call window of an incoming phone call. What information should be displayed can be defined via a template.

Unanswered calls
The estos UCServer recognizes missed phone calls and checks whether the phone call was answered from a call group or call diversion. Notifications can be sent as an e-mail for these missed calls. With these settings it can be defined to which e-mail addresses unanswered phone calls are sent and whether these notifications should be also sent if the user is logged on to the server. Moreover, unanswered calls can be automatically marked as processed when a telephone call was made to the same contact at a later date.

In addition to the server-side search for client contacts, local client folders can be specified in the settings of the Data sources.
If the matching client contact should be opened automatically during the phone call, then it can be specified in the settings Actions.

Version 8.1