Conversation window

Display automatically for incoming calls
Display automaticaly for outgoing calls
You can define whether you wish the call window to be displayed for incoming or outgoing calls. If the window is not displayed automatically you can display it at any time during the call via the estos ProCall Attendant Console task bar.

Always display active calls as the topmost window
You should activate this option if you wish to always display active calls as the topmost window. If the window is automatically displayed, it is normally displayed as the topmost window for an incoming or outgoing call but can then subsequently be covered by other windows. You can bring all curent calls into the foreground via the tray icon at any time.

Duration of displaying the conversation window after the call ends
After ending the telephone call the call window remains open for a certain amount of time. During this time it's possible to allocate this call, for example to a certain Project or to enter a short note. Here you can specify how long the window should remain open.

Transparency, support display and fading out
The call window supports transparency and is normally faded in and out. If you do not wish to use this function you should deactivate the transparency.

Window position
You can define the position as to where the call window opened by estos ProCall Attendant Console. Call windows for prepared calls are excluded. These windows are always opened at the current position of the mouse.

  • Default position (task bar icon)
    ProCall Attendant Console opens the conversation window at an appropriate location on the screen. Other, already open windows of ProCall Attendant Console are not overlaid.
  • Remember last position
    The conversation window appears again at the same position where you have closed it the last time or where it was automatically hidden.
  • Define position using preview
    Open a call window with the preview button and place it where windows should open it in future. Moving the conversation window during a call has no effect on the display position.

Version 8.1