The Phone-Link

With the installation of estos ProCall Attendant Console on your system the additional URL Handler "phone:" is registered, which allows you to put HTML document references to phone numbers or to the contact details window. A visitor of an Internet site can be given the possibility to initiate a telephone call to a certain participant by clicking on a link, to open the contact detail window or to establish certain contacts in the Favorites.

The use of the URL handler "phone:" for dialing is analogous to "mailto:" within the anchor tag in the HTML code. The number to be dialled or the EntryIDs of the contact to be opened follows as a parameter immediately behind.

Dial with URL Handler

The phone Handler can easily select a phone number by clicking on a link. For this the phone number to be selected is given to the phone Handler as the only parameter.

You wish to create a dialing link for subscriber "John Smith" with phone number "+498912345678". Insert the following lines into your HTML code:

<a href="phone:+498912345678">call Jon Doe</a>

The example looks like this:
Call John Smith

Open contact detail window with the URL Handler

The phone Handler can also be used for opening contacts. The Entry-IDs of the contact (separated by ":") must be given to the Phone Handler.

You would like to create a link displaying the contact details of the party "John Smith".

For example, the subscriber "John Smith" has the following entry IDs:
Data base ID: DB06 (ODBC data source)
Data memory ID: ODBC (in case of ODBC: name of ODBC data source)
ContactID: 1 (ID of contact in the ODBC data source)

Add the following lines in your HTML code:

<a href="phone:ID:DB06:ODBC:1">open John Smith</a>

The example looks like this:
Open John Smith

If estos ProCall Attendant Console contains the setting that contacts are opened by default for editing, the contact in the editor of the data source (if possible) is opened instead of the contact detail window.

Add contact in the URL Handler Favorites

The phone handler can also be used to make contact in the favorites. This can optionally be contacts from the connected data sources or contact Federation contacts.

To add a contact from a data source, the keyword "addcontact:" must be given after the keyword "phone:". Afterwards, the Entry-IDs of the contact are displayed in the same way as in the contact detail window, each separated with ":". Optionally, the tab and the group name where the contact should be filed, can be given.

Without specifying a tab and group name the contact is stored at the tab "Favorites".
If only the tab name is given, the contact is put in the first group in the card index tab.
If only the group name is given, all tabs are searched and the first group of the same name is used.
If no tab or group with the given name exists, these are automatically applied.

You want to include "John Smith" in Favorites. The participant "John Smith" has the same EntryIDs like in the example "open contact detail window".

Add the following lines in your HTML code:

<a href="phone:addcontact:DB06:ODBC:1" > include John Smith in Favorites</a>

The example looks like this:
Include John Smith in Favorites

To include a Federation contact, specify the presence identity (e.g., SIP Uri) instead of the Kontakt-EntryIDs.

Add the following lines in your HTML code:

<a href="">Add John Smith to your favorites</a>

The example looks like this:
Include John Smith in Favorites

Version 8.1