In the estos ProCall Attendant Console frequently used contacts can be stored at the tab Favorites. They can be sorted in freely defined groups. For more information please refer to ActiveContacts.

Special Favorites tab functions
The tab Favorites provides a specific function in contacts in the search results list, the context menu function Add to Favorites include in this tab.

Line group
A special group can be dislayed in the Favorites tab which contains all phone lines which your system administrator has configured for you. You can display this pre-defined line group if you activate the appropriate option in the settings dialog on the View page.

Please note that your Administrator can exclusively change the contents of the group. For you the group is read only. This is by the symbol   in the title bar. If new lines are added or old ones removed, the group is automatically updated accordingly.

If the pre-defined lines do not satisfy your needs you can copy the elements into a new group which you create and then deactivate the pre-defined group in the settings dialog. Please note, however, that this is then no longer automatically updated in case of changes.

Version 8.1