Line settings

All lines assigned to the user or computer are indicated as icons in My Presence. These change color in accordance with the telephone status of the line. Many different operations can be carried out on this line via the menus opened with a click.

Entries in the line menu:

  • Set as default line
    If a user has more than one line, he can define via the menu which one is to be the standard line. All telephone operations not requiring specification of the user's own line relate to this line. The line is shown in bold typre.
  • Telephony control
    If a line is busy with a call, you can only have a controlling influence on the call on this line. No other operations are offered.
  • Set call diversion...
    Permits direct set-up of call diversion without having to configure a Call diversion profile. The last call diversion is saved and automatically recorded in the last dialog.
  • Cancel call diversion
    Shows all items of call diversion set up on this line. If the call diversion set up can be attributed to a Call diversion profile, the name of the profile is displayed.
  • Set call forwarding
    Shows all configured Call diversion profiles currently set up on the line.
  • Switch protection against incoming calls on/off
    Permits activating or deactivating protection against incoming calls on the line.
  • Remote Office
    Redirects the extension to a phone outside of the company. Outgoing calls will display the company's number. Further details can be found under Remote Office.
  • Configured feature codes
    If feature codes for your telephone system were configured on the estos UCServer these will be displayed here.
  • Activate/deactivate suppression of phone numbers
    This allows you to activate or deactivate caller ID suppression for outgoing calls on the line. You will see in the menu whether caller ID is displayed or suppressed. You must activate the caller ID suppression feature in the Settings.
  • Extended settings
    • Configure call forwardings...
      Allows configuration of Call diversion profiles.
    • Rename line...
      Here, you can change the name for the line. That way, it is easier to distinguish between different terminals using the same phone number.

Version 8.1