For the installation and setup of the estos EWS Calendar Replicator, the following sequence is recommended:

  1. Setting up a user account with the Active Directory® that has read authorizations for Active Directory® User Objects and all necessary mailboxes in the Exchange Server.
    Which authorizations are necessary is described in Active Directory® connection and Exchange Server connection.

  2. The Exchange Web Services interface must have been setup on Exchange Server.
    For the test, open a web browser and enter the following URL. Make sure to use the correct Exchange Server host name for this:
    An XML file should now be displayed in the browser.
    A security warning may indicate that the Exchange Server certificate cannot be verified locally.

  3. Install estos EWS Calendar Replicator.
    Simply double click on the MSI package and follow the instructions on the screen.
    Once the programs are installed, the initial setup for the administration program is started.
    The following data should be available for the configuration:
    • Computer name and port number of the computer on which the estos UCServer service runs. The required port number is usually 7222. The user is the one which is set in estos UCServer as administrator.
    • Computer name and Port number of the Active Directory® Server.
    • Computer name and Port number of the Exchange Server.

Settings for the log file can be made at the end of the initial setup.

If later changes to the service configuration are necessary, the administration program can be opened from the Start Menu.

Version 8.1