In this dialog, the service can be stopped and started and it will display the current status of the service. Furthermore, logfiles can be configured here in order to diagnose problems.

When the service is in operation, information about the last replication process is displayed here, otherwise it shows the status of the service. The service can be started and stopped with the corresponding buttons.


  • Log Level
    Enter how much information should be written to the log file here.

  • Maximum size of a log file
    Several log file files will be written. Each log file will be sequentially re-created, when the size entered in megabytes here has been exceeded.

  • Log File Directory
    The log files will be stored in this directory. Note that the service will require appropriate write rights for this directory.

In addition to the log file, important messages will also be entered in the system's event log. To do this, a custom application log with the name, EEWSCalSvc, will be created for storing the messages

The version number is displayed here.

Version 8.1