MSI description

The workstation software for estos ProCall is installed with a Microsoft® Installer package. This msi can be directly executed, started with msiexec or distributed via a group policy.

The msi user interface is available in one language. The software installed with msi is installed in all available languages.

Command line under Windows®
If you run setup with msiexec.exe and use the option /q (quiet without interface), it must be started from a shell with administrator rights (elevated).

Examples of the command line

  • Default installation without user interface, hostname is
    msiexec.exe /i ProCall_de-DE.msi /q

  • Default installation with client TSP, basic user interface, hostname is
    msiexec.exe /i ProCall_de-DE.msi /qb CLIENTTSP=edial

  • Prepare administrative installation for distribution with group policy
    msiexec.exe /a ProCall_de-DE.msi

  • De-installation
    msiexec.exe /x ProCall_de-DE.msi

Special MSI properties
All of the following properties are listed in AdminProperties and thus also available for an administrative installation.

CTISERVER Hostname or IP address of the server
CTISERVERUSEDNS DNS Service Location Record Option
 0Disabled - 'CTISERVER' is used (default)
 1Enabled - Use DNS, 'CTISERVER’ will be ignored
CLIENTCTIMAIN Install ProCall application
 0Do not install ProCall UI application, only the advanced Remote Tapi driver will be installed
 1Install ProCall application as normal (default)
CLIENTTSP Which Tapi driver is being installed
 noneDo not install a Tapi driver
 edialInstall the client Tapi driver (default)
 eclientInstall enhanced remote Tapi driver
OUTLOOKADDIN Install Outlook® AddIn
 0Do not install Outlook® AddIn
 1Install Outlook® AddIn (default)
ACUSERVICE The service for automatic updates is installed
 0Do not install service for automatic updates
 1Install service for automatic updates (default)

Version 7.8