Installation using group policies

You can install workstations automatically by using group policies. Proceed as follows:

  1. Define which components are to be installed on the workstations. Use the Windows® Installer in administrator mode. In a command prompt startmsiexec /a followed by the name of the installation package, e.g. msiexe /a client.msi. You have the option of specifying a directory where the prepared installation is to be stored. This must be a network-enabled directory. Then select which software components should be installed on the workstation and which computer is the estos UCServer.
  2. Run the Active Directory® user and computer management console to configure the domain users. Assemble the users (or computers) in groups to form organizational units. You can create group policies for each organizational unit which also automatically manage software installation.
    Open an organizational unit's properties dialog. Go to the group policies. Add a new group policy. Open the group policy by choosing Edit.
    Add new packages either in Computer Configuration - Software Settings - Software Installation or in User Configuration - Software Settings - Software Installation.
    Now choose the installation package previously prepared by the administrative installation. See also the relevant documentation about Windows Server®, Active Directory® and group policies.

Version 7.8