To increase security, the data traffic between estos UCServer and estos ProCall can be encrypted with TLS/SSL.
For the TLS/SSL encrypting of data a valid certificate has to exist and be selected, which was issued for the FQDN (Full Qualified computer name, e.g. "server.domain.com") of the computer on which estos UCServer runs.

A short tutorial about certificates, how to get them and how to setup them can be found in the chapter Server certificate.
A detailed description can also be found in the online help Microsoft® Management Console Snap-Ins for certificates "certmgr.msc" .

Security level for connections with estos ProCall

  • Allow secure data transmission using TLS
    If the TLS/SSL encrypting is activated, encrypted and unencrypted programmes in the estos UCServer can be combined.
    estos ProCall recognizes this possibility and is able to use it with the next login. Because of this, only clients who have the entire server name in their connection settings (as named in the certificate), e.g. "servername.domain.com" can login.
    Changes to the TLS/SSL settings will be taken over only for new incoming connections. Existing Client connections are not influenced by the new settings.
  • Reject unsecured connections
    If the TLS/SSL encrypting is activated, insecure connections to the estos UCServer can be rejected.

Certificate for SSL/TLS communication with estos ProCall
Here the certificate which was selected for the secured data transfer is displayed.

  • Delete certificate
    Removes the certificate from the configuration. If no certificate is selected, the ProCall is not able to connect with the UCServer anymore.
  • Choose certificate...
    Opens up a dialog to display the certificates available on the computer and to select one of them for the data transfer.

Version 7.8