Network interface properties

The connection between the application software on the workstations and the estos UCServer takes place across network interfaces.


The following network interface types are available:

  • The UC client is the estos ProCall application software on the workstations.
  • The Remote TSP offers Tapi Service Providers (TSP) over the network.
  • The Administration is the application to configure the estos UCServer.

  • IP address and port

    Network interfaces are bound to a combination of IP address and port number. The default configuration is set to "All available" IP addresses. It is also possible to select specific IP addresses found by the configuration program. An overview of the default port numbers can be found in the section network interface.

    Changing the default port configuration is not recommended except the setting conflics with other software running on the system.
    If a port conflict accurs an error event appears in the event log of the estos UCServer.


    The network interface can be configured in different security levels:

  • Unencrypted: the estos UCServer is using the network interface unencrypted.
  • Starttls optional: the estos UCServer is using the network interface encrypted, if available.
  • Starttls mandatory: the estos UCServer requires using the network interface encrypted.

  • Default

    Check this box if all connections of the actual network interface type are using these interface as standard.

    Certificate for TLS connections

    If the network interfaces shall be used encrypted a certificate is required.

    Using the button Select certificate a certificate can be configured to be used by the network interface for authentication. If no certificate is offered the network interface can be used unencrypted or a certificate needs to be installed at the system. A short guidance around certificates can be found at the chapter certificate.

    More information about certificates can also be found at the online help of the Microsoft® Management Console MMC Snap-in for certificates "certmgr.msc".

    Using the button Delete certificate a selected certificate can be removed out of the list.

    DNS name for the network interface

    Please specify the name how the network interface is resolved at the DNS (e.g. With the initial usage of the software a name is proposed to the user.

    Version 7.8